Dog who thinks she’s a cat handed in at Dogs Trust Newbury

Dogs Trust Newbury recently welcomed a dog called cat to the centre with a very interesting ‘tail’ to her name.

The seven-year old crossbreed started life as a stray puppy in Singapore and was so tiny that she was raised by a cat, amongst a litter of kittens.

Cat’s previous owners found her and brought her back to the UK, naming her Cat as a nod to the feline friends who held her paw during her difficult start in life.

Cat lived happily with her family for five years but is now looking for the ‘purr-fect’ home once more, due to a change in her owner’s circumstances.

Rehoming centre manager, Antony Dominy comments: “Cat is a really sweet dog with a unique character that makes sense one you know she has been brought up cat cats. She can show a bit of ‘cat-titude’, liking to have company and be close to people but coming over for affection on her own terms.

“She can also be quite cat-like in her mannerisms and is often found sitting with her feet tucked underneath her – an unusual position for a dog. Cat has held onto many positive canine traits despite her upbringing and is a very loyal companion. She has been in foster care for a little while and is already devoted to her carer.

“Cat has a beautiful nature and amazing cat-like look – sporting some pointy ears that wouldn’t look out of place in a litter of kittens. Just like her feline friends, one of Cat’s favourite things to do is bask in the sunshine but she does have a puppy-like playful side that comes out once you get to know her.

“The team love her here at Dogs Trust Newbury and we are hoping she will land on her feet once more and find her ‘fur-ever home’.”

If you are interested in adopting Cat or any rescue dog from Dogs Trust Newbury you can call the centre on 01488 505157 or visit