Dogs Trust encourage Essex residents to have their say on dog restrictions

Dogs Trust are encouraging residents in Essex to have their say to prevent dog restrictions on local beaches.

Castle Point Council has launched a public consultation as it is giving serious consideration to the introduction of a Public Spaces Protection order (PSPO) – which would ban dogs from the beach area from Concord Beach to Thorney Bay, Canvey.

Dogs Trust are encouraging local residents to have their say on the consultation to prevent PSPO enforcement in the area, which could result in fines if dog owners breach the orders.

PSPO measures can involves excluding dogs from designated areas, require dogs to be kept on leads and limitations to the number of dogs that can be walked by one person.

Dogs Trust believe that all dogs should have affair access to public spaces and have plenty of opportunity to exercise on and off lead. They also believe that the vast majority of dog owners are responsible, and that most dogs are well behave.

Despite this, many local authorities are introducing strict restrictions on dog owners through the introduction of Public Space Protection Orders throughout England and Wales.

Lee Paris, Dogs Trust Senior Campaigns Officer, said: “We know Canvey’s beaches to be popular, dog-friendly spots and would encourage residents to have their say through the council’s consideration to keep it that way.

“Dogs Trust is worried that dog owners could unknowingly risk fines and restrictions on where they can and can’t walk their dogs. What’s more, these changes could be based on just one or two comments from local residents. Therefore, we are encouraging all dog owners to take part in the consultation to ensure that fair and proportionate orders are implemented.”

One of the main causes for the introduction of PSPO’s is dog fouling and Dogs Trust emphasises the importance of picking up after your dog, so that public spaces can continue to be enjoyed by everyone.

Lee adds: “A dog is for life and part of that commitment is ensuring that our dogs have the opportunity to plenty of exercise. We believe that most owners are responsible and that they should continue to have access to public spaces across Canvey Island.”

To have your say on the council’s consultation, you can visit their website and more information on PSPOs is available here.