Dumped puppies are adopted by family who rescued them

A farmer and his family were shocked to find out that six puppies had been dumped on their land last summer.

The puppies who were huddled together in a corner at the entrance of a field just off the road, were spotted by a neighbour of the farmer.

The family called the RSPCA and took the dogs to a local vet. The animal welfare charity then took the dogs in and launched an investigation but, unfortunately, the people responsible for abandoning them could not be traced.

Inspector Lauren Bailey, who launched an investigation, said: “They are amazing and rushed down with a dog crate and water to round the dogs up and make sure they were all safe. They were all different breeds – a Beagle, a Yorkie, A Lhasa Aspo, a Puggle and the two poodle crosses – so we suspect they’d come from a puppy farm.

“I believe they were rejects because they were all either runts or had something wrong with them. My guess would be that when they didn’t sell, the dealer decided to dump them as they help no financial value.”

The youngest daughters of the family who found the dogs had fallen in love with tow of them – the little poodle crosses, Bertie and Nancy.

Becky said: “Bertie and Nancy were fostered by retired teacher Jane and then we adopted them. As soon as we found them that summer day we bonded straight away, and I fell in love with them. They are doing so well now. They’re so affectionate. I love them to bits.”