Four-legged avengers assemble at Battersea in quest to find new homes

To celebrate the release of Avengers: Endgame, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home reveals some of the best Marvel-inspired names to come through their gates.

Some owners chose monikers to suit the character of their pet, like Loki the lively Lurcher who – much like his of mischief namesake – was happiest when performing tricks.


Others opted for a tongue-in-cheek homage to their favourite comic book characters as Nick Furry, the clever one-eyed Domestic Short-hair cat.

Based on the names of the animals being brought to Battersea’s three centres, the Norse Gods appear to be the most popular superhero names with nineteen dogs and cats named Thor, Loki or Odin arriving at Battersea in the last year alone.

Slightly more unusual names have included Phil Coulson, the tabby cat and last year almost the entire Guardians of the Galaxy team were assembled including kitten siblings Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord, and Groot the Weimaraner.

One of Battersea’s current marvellous residents hoping to find a home is Peter Parker, a lively seven-year old domestic short-hair cat with a playful streak who is looking for a home and exciting adventures.

Recent cattery resident Goose was taken to the charity’s London centre as a stray names after Captain Marvel’s feline sidekick. During his stay at Battersea, the gentle ginger giant proved to be just as clever as his silver screen counterpart, though he has yet to help save the entire universe.

Battersea’s Centre Manager Steve Craddock said: “At Battersea we take in thousands of animals each year and we often notice certain trends with names, whilst they might still not be as popular as current favourites such as Bella and Buddy, in recent years we have spotted an increasing numbers of superhero-inspired names for both dogs and cats thanks to the popularity of comic book blockbusters.

“Regardless of what they are called, all of our animals are ready to be a super pet and we hope that anyone thinking about adding a furry sidekick to their family considers being a hero and adopting a rescue from Battersea.”

Dashing Peter Parker the tuxedo cat and many other animals are still waiting for their hero to come along to take them on a new adventure including Johnnie, the mini black panther, young Staffordshire Bull Terrier Harley and Woolvie, the domestic medium-hair cat with a heart of gold.

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