Get on the gravy train with Vets Kitchen!

It’s that time of year again when many of us are filling our trollies and cupboards with special treats and festive delicacies to share with family and friends. And for 26% of the UK adult population, our family includes our beloved fur babies – all 9.6 million of them!

We all love an excuse to spoil our canine companions and while we’re sitting down to a traditional Christmas dinner complete with all the trimmings and the all-important gravy, it just feels right to include the family pooch.

In a survey conducted by healthy pet food brand, Vet’s Kitchen, over 70% of dog owners have treated their dogs to “Christmas dinner” and/or festive savoury snacks. While some of these treats may be harmless, a lot of what we humans eat (especially at Christmas) is not that great for our four-legged friends (as much as they try to tell us otherwise – cue the “puppy eyes” and wagging tail!)

So, is there a way we can spoil our dogs, making them part of the day, while making sure their “Christmas dinner” is safe and nutritious for them? Happily, the answer is yes! Vet’s Kitchen have sorted the turkey dinner with their Sensitive Care Turkey and Sweet Potato recipe. And the gravy? They have put together a super-simple, dog-friendly gravy recipe to add some sparkle to your dog’s meal.

Vet’s Kitchen’s Nutritionist, Fiona Firth. comments: “Human gravy can be high in salt and calories. Many are very fatty and can cause an upset stomach and so it’s important to make a gravy that your best friend will not only love but will leave them feeling good. Healthy gravy is also a great way to add nutrients and supplements to support your dog’s health and for increasing their water intake. It is particularly good for encouraging elderly pets to eat as it softens their food.”

Plant based gravy recipe for dogs only

  • Hot water
  • Pureed roast vegetables broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, carrot, parsnip, peas etc. but don’t include any onions, chives, leeks or garlic
  • Add a little cooked sweet potato or potato to thicken
  • Mix together and serve over food when cool

And if the thought of making another thing for Christmas dinner sends you over the edge, Vet’s Kitchen do a range of healthy gravy supplements that will add a delicious twist to your dog’s dinner while also supporting digestion, joint health or healthy skin – just choose the one most suitable for your dog and squirt!

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