Ginger moggy looking for a new home after months of treatment

A ginger tabby cat who was taken into RSPCA care with a large abscess and had to wear a ‘lampshade’ collar for three months is now looking for his forever home.

The stray Moggie, named Whispa was taken to the RSPCA in June this year with a chronic ear infection, which had been left untreated and resulted in the large abscess the size of a ping pong ball.

The abscess, which had burst was treated at RSPCA Harmsworth Animal Hospital in London, but due to its large size it took a long time to heal. Whispa also has limited hearing, but he doesn’t let this hold him back.

Following treatment, he was moved to RSPCA Southall Cattery in August, but his journey to recovery was stalled when part of his wound refused to heal, and he had to go back to the hospital to have it stitched once again.

Now, after five months since he came into the charity’s care, Whispa is finally read to be rehomed.

Animal Care Assistant, Ellen McNally at RSPCA Southall Cattery, said: “Sadly, Whispa has had a tough time over the last few months recovering from his burst abscess, which meant he had to wear his plastic cone for three months to stop him rubbing or scratching at his stitches. Despite this, he has been so patient and has become a wonderful cat who loves fuss and attention. While Whispa has been with us we discovered he is also deaf, or at least has very limited hearing, which could be a result of his ear problems from when he was. Stray.

“He will therefore need to live somewhere without busy roads as he would still love to go outside and potter around the garden. He gets on well with other cats and is very friendly with people.”

Five-year old Whispa has now seen the light at the end of the lampshade and has been transformed into a handsome and friendly cat who is looking for a loving, forever home.

If you think you can give Whispa a home, then you can visit