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Global brand Dremel launches pet nail grooming kit

Global craft brand Dremel is launching a new Pet Nail Grooming Kit to add to their product range.

Scissors and clippers can sometimes make the whole nail clipping process uncomfortable for your pet as they apply pressure and can pinch the nail.

The new Dremel grooming kit aims to help to keep you pet’s claws in check by grinding the nail down in the same way a nail file does, making the process a lot more controlled.

If you have an older pet of one that’s not already accustomed to having its paws preened, try and introduce the pet pampering time into part of a regular bonding experience.

Alongside the launch of the new kit, Dremel has also offered some handy tips to help get you started:

  • Begin early on and add grooming into your pet’s training as soon as they become part of your family, whatever their age.
  • Try massaging legs, paws and toes for a couple of minutes each day to get them used to the feeling of being handled and reward each positive experience with a treat.
  • Let your pet familiarise itself with the nail grooming tool by sniffing it and hearing it when its operating.
  • Gradually work up to your pet’s nails and have them touch the sanding disc for a few seconds at a time so they can get used to the manicure experience.
  • Enjoy the quality time together.

The brand new Pet Nail Grooming Kit launches next month and will be priced at £37.99 RRP. For more information on further Dremel products you can visit