Guinea pig needed vet treatment after being dumped in a street

The RSPCA is investigating after a guinea pig was abandoned in a shoebox with overgrown claws, a large lump on his back and lice.

A member of the public discovered the large rodent in Shakespeare Street, Watford, on Monday (18 June) evening by some garages.

RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Kate Wright went to collect the frightened little guinea pig – now named William after the famous playwright where he was found.

Kate, said: “William is in a bit of a state. He has a large lump on his back, which needs veterinary treatment and has long, overgrown claws and lice. He was found beside an upturned shoebox so it seems as though he’s been abandoned here. As he needs veterinary treatment I suspect he was dumped by his owners who didn’t want to pay for it.”

ACO Wright took William to he vet where they diagnosed the lump as a cyst which will now be removed. She is now caring for him at her own independent rescue Guinea Pig Rescue and Rehome.

Kate added: “He looks to be an older chap and I think it is easier for his previous owners to get rid of him than pay for him. I have spoken to local people and nobody seems to have lost a guinea pig so it seems as though he has been abandoned.

“It makes me so sad that we live in such a throwaway society where pet owners would rather abandon their pet when they’re in need. Unfortunately, it’s left to charities like the RSPCA to pick up the pieces.”

For more information about caring for guinea pigs, see the RSPCA website. TO offer a rescue guinea pig a new home, please visit