Helping Your Puppy Adjust to Life after Lockdown

A brand new ‘Pupcast’ podcast from Natures Menu discusses how to manage new situations for your puppy as we move out of lockdown.

Among 3.2 million people buying a pet during lockdown*, research** revealed that 22% found looking after their pup more difficult than they thought, making the prospect of socialising a daunting one.

For many new pet owners, this is brand-new territory. On the latest episode of The Pupcast, Nick Jones, dog behaviourist with almost 20 years’ experience, talks to Melanie Sainsbury, Veterinary Education Manager at Natures Menu, about the process of socialisation.

Nick discusses his easy to follow traffic light method to help puppy owners socialise their pet, and helps owners understand more about how they can best prepare their pets for adjusting to new situations post-lockdown.

So, whether you’re keen to take your pet to the pub, or book them in at the local groomers, this episode is perfect for you!

The Pupcast aims to guide dog owners through all stages of their puppy’s development and is available to download from Spotify, Acast and iTunes.

To accompany the latest episode, listeners and readers can enjoy 20% discount across the Natures Menu product range. Simply enter the code PUPCAST20 at the checkout.