Hill Pet Nutrition launches new clinically proven puppy & kitten range

Hill’s Pet nutrition have announced the launch of two new pioneering new puppy and kitten foods to its Science Plan range.

The new range has been developed to nourish young puppy and kitten health for optimal growth and development.

With stomach sensitivities listed as the number one concern for pet parents on social media, the new Hill’s Science Plan Puppy and Kitten Perfect Digestion range has been crafted with Hill’s revolutionary ActivBiome+ Technology, featuring a unique blend of prebiotics to rapidly nourish the microbiome and improve digestive health and wellbeing.

Containing high-quality protein to support optimal growth and easily digested ingredients, the new fibre blend has been described as a major scientific breakthrough by the biology-based nutrition provider, more than 10,000 microbiome samples.

Sitting alongside this, and bolstering Hill’s kitten range, is the Hill’s Science Plan Sterilised Kitten food. The new range provides high quality protein for muscle development, paired with controlled fat to prevent risks of young cats becoming overweight after neutering.

Moreover, the unique blend of antioxidants promotes a healthy immune system to support kittens’ growth and immune system development.

Hillary Noyes, Hill’s Associates Professional and Veterinary Affairs Manager, UK & Republic of Ireland said: “The development of a healthy gut microbiome and maintenance of an ideal weight is essential to the lifelong health and wellbeing of puppies and kittens. We’re very excited to announce the launch of these two new ranges, carefully created to address these crucial areas of healthy development. Backed by cutting edge science, each product has been developed to specifically support the needs of young and growing pets.”

Hill’s Science Plan Perfect Digestion range is available online via the Hill’s website and can be bought as a dry food in bag sizes 1.5kg and 7kg for kittens, 1kg, 3kg for small and mini breed puppies, 2.5kg, 14kg for medium breed puppies and 2kg and 12kg bags for large breed puppies.

Hill’s Science Plan Sterilised Kitten Chicken is available as dry food and in bag sizes, 1.5kg or 7kg, and can be purchased online via the Hill’s website.