How to make your home pawfect for selling

Our pets are the hearts of our homes. They have their favourite nooks for sleeping in, areas to play in, and like nothing more than to guard our gardens with an air of pride and bounce in their steps.

In creating such a homey atmosphere for our beloved pets, we can often become blissfully unaware of our pet’s scent in our homes. A quick clean ticks all of the boxes for keeping on top of pet odours and mess for visitors and guests but if you’re considering selling your home, then you might have to think about going a step further.

Painting, repairing, and replacing some parts of your home may be necessary to make your property as appealing as possible to prospective buyers.

Watermans Solicitors share their handy tips for pet owners selling their homes.

Mask away the scent of your pup

While you won’t want to destroy evidence of your treasured pet in your home, selfishly you need to step into the shoes of your new homeowner and consider that they might not like pets or be allergic. Deep cleaning areas or surfaces that your pet uses are good starting points. Giving walls or skirting boards a fresh lick of paint can make a room feel and smell like new again. It’s especially wise to do this if your pet has scratched or chewed parts of the house.

Market your home minus bowls and toys

Hiding away your pet’s bed, bowl and toy box will help to keep your property as neutral as possible for interested buyers, especially if they’re not a pet fan. It’ll help them picture themselves in your space, which will hopefully encourage them to come and view your property and consider buying it!

Keep to your animal’s routine

Moving home can be a stressful exercise for all involved. Keeping to your pet’s routine as much as possible during house viewings and the big move can help to keep your companion happy and calm. Having your pet out of your home while viewings take place also helps keep your potential buyers focused on the task at hand – falling in love with your home! Try to work viewings around your pups daily walks if you can, or have a friend pet sit while viewings take place.

Happy house hunting and moving!

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