Lily’s Kitchen adds to kitten and puppy ranges

Lily’s Kitchen, is expanding its kitten and puppy ranges this month with the launch of two new products: Tasty Cuts in Gravy Multipack for Kittens and Chicken & Turkey Puppy Nibbles.

Recognising the ongoing boom of new pet parents since the onset of the pandemic, with more than one in two UK adults (57%) owning pets, Lily’s Kitchen continues to champion proper food for the UK’s 24m cats and dogs, helping the nation’s furry family members thrive.

This mission is never more important than in the early years. Designed to give puppies and kittens the best start in life, the vet-approved Tasty Cuts in Gravy multipack for kittens and Chicken & Turkey Nibbles for puppies recipes have been specially formulated to support growth, made with proper meat that’ll have them running back for more.

The Tasty Cuts in Gravy for kittens multipack includes two nutritionally complete recipes, Chicken & Ocean Fish and Chicken & Turkey. Each of these mouth-watering meals is brimming with freshly prepared meat and responsibly sourced fish, served up in a sumptuous gravy. Suitable for kittens from two months old, each pack contains eight mini-tins.

Chicken & Turkey Nibbles for puppies have been developed following the success of the popular Chicken and Salmon Puppy Nibbles. Packed full of proper meat, the nibbles are perfect for training puppies… or when they give you those big puppy-dog eyes in-between meals. Gently baked for a lovely chewy, flexible texture, this vet- and nutritionist-approved recipe is suitable for puppies from two months old.

Lily’s Kitchen is dedicated to providing proper food for pets, a mission which has clearly resonated with the UK’s growing population of dedicated pet parents. Latest IRI data shows the brand is outperforming the pet care category with +41% sales growth – four times more than sector averages.

Samantha Crossley, Marketing Director at Lily’s Kitchen, comments: “Over the last two years the UK’s pet population has boomed, with unprecedented numbers of households welcoming a new puppy or kitten into their homes. Many of us here at Lily’s Kitchen are pet parents ourselves, so we understand that mealtimes – and treat times – offer moments of joy with your pet, especially with kittens and puppies.

“With new pet parents in the front of our minds, expanding our kitten and puppy ranges will offer more delicious choices for both main meal and treating occasions, helping keep variety in our pets’ diets whilst reassuring owners that the food they are giving to their young animals is the best it can be to support healthy growth and development.”

Lily’s Kitchen Tasty Cuts in Gravy Multipack, RRP £7 for 8 85g mini-tins, is available online at and will be available later this summer from independent stores and other leading retailers.

Lily’s Kitchen Chicken & Turkey Puppy Nibbles, RRP £2.65 per 70g pack, is available online at and at Pets At Home stores nationwide.