Lily’s Kitchen launches new plant-based recipes for dogs

Lily’s Kitchen has launched a NEW range of healthy, plant-based recipes for dogs into independents, wholesalers and on the Lily’s Kitchen website

In recent years we’ve all become a bit more eco-conscious with many cutting down their meat, fish and dairy to lower their carbon footprint. So why not get woofers involved too by joining in Meat Free Mondays with the new plant-based recipes from Lily’s Kitchen? 

The new healthy and delicious range is made up of two lip-smacking treats and two marvellously meat-free wet recipes so there’s something for all dogs to get their paws on. Bursting with goodness, the Plant Power range is the perfect way to introduce a little more variety to mealtimes while feeding a little less meat.

The two wet tins are nutritionally complete recipes that are full of plant-based protein, and made with natural ingredients as well as all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs. They’re so tasty, they won’t even miss the meat!

The Mighty Burrito Bowl with Jackfruit (RRP £3.00, 400g tin) is packed full of jackfruit, red peppers and kidney beans, with a little cinnamon and parsley to get dogs’ tastebuds tingling. 

The Vibrant Rainbow Stew (RRP £3.00, 400g tin and £1.50 150g tray) is made with tasty vegan ingredients and a selection of vibrant vegetables. Balanced with all the nutrients dogs need to be happy and healthy, woofers are sure to wolf this one down.  


The new treats come in two delicious, grain-free recipes: Tropical Mango Jerky (RRP £3.00, 70g) and Succulent Sweet Potato Jerky with Jackfruit (RRP £3.00. 70g). Both treats have the chewy texture that dogs love, and are made with natural ingredients and plant-based protein. Perfect to put into your pocket for long winter walks and bursting with plant power. 

Rodney Zasman, resident vet at Lily’s Kitchen, comments: “One of the key things to watch out for when feeding a plant-based meal is to make sure that the recipe is complete. This means that the food is nutritionally balanced, and your dog won’t be missing out on any vital nutrients.

“Pet parents who are looking to introduce a plant-based meal to their dog’s diet can rest assured that apart from increasing their intake of fruit and veg, having dogs join in Meat Free Mondays may offer health benefits, particularly for dogs with sensitive tummies, or who have sensitivities to specific animal proteins.”

The vet-approved range comes in recyclable packaging and lowering dogs’ meat intake is a great way for dogs to tread their paws more lightly on the planet.

To spread some good will and Christmas cheer, Lily’s Kitchen is looking to donate 17,500 Vibrant Rainbow Stew meals to dogs’ charities across the country so that every woofer can get their paws on some plant-based goodness.

The 400g tins and 150g trays are available from 3rd January, and the treats are available end of January from, wholesalers and in independent stores.