Little Scrumpy seeks new home for Christmas

An adorable shy terrier with a limp is looking for a new home this Christmas.

Little Scumpy, a Yorkshire terrier cross, was found as a stray running loose near Rayleigh in Essex, in September.

Kathy Butler from RSPCA’s Essex South, Southend and District Branch said that Scrumpy was very scared when he arrived.

She said: “We know nothing about Scrumpy, but he was in a real state when he arrived here. He was severely matted, covered in faeces and had urine-soaked fur. Poor little Scrumpy needed to be sedated so he could be thoroughly cleaned up and clipped.

“It’s taken us a long time to begin to gain his trust. He doesn’t like being petted or picked up so it’s taking lots of patience and time to help build a positive association with people for him.”

The team at the rehoming centre say that the little terrier cross is starting to grow in confidence and has begun accepting some of the kennel staff who see him most days. He runs to greet them but then loses his confidence at the last minute. What he does love, is other dogs.

Kathy added: “Scrumpy loves other dogs, he finds their presence reassuring and he is far more relaxed around people when he had a friendly confident canine companion so we really want him to find a home with another, preferably larger, dog to help him as he begins to explore the big, wide world.”

The little dog, who is thought to be around three-years old, has a deformity to his foot, which means he walks with a limp. However, it’s been checked by a vet and doesn’t appear to be causing him any pain.

“Scrumpy needs someone who can give him lots of time and patience to bring him on,” Kathy said. “He also needs calm, predictable owners who are happy t go at his pace. The worst thing for him would be someone who wants to smother him with love straight away as he’ll be terrified.

“Everything is baby steps for this little dog. But, if given enough time and space to settle and grow in confidence, I’m sure he’ll blossom into a wonderful, happy little dog.”

If you think you could offer Scrumpy the forever home he needs, you can fill in an online form or contact the branch by calling 07749 175023 or email