Lonely Lurcher is looking for a home after spending 500 days in kennels

The RSPCA has issued a national appeal to find a Lurcher called Gary his forever home.

Lonely Gary is still waiting for his forever home after spending 500 days in kennels and seeing almost 200 other dogs find home before him.

Sadly, it’s not just his name that has fallen out of favour with people – Gary is only three years old and has spent more than a third of his life – 542 days – in kennels at RSPCA South Godstone centre waiting patiently for a home.

Gary has previously been adopted from the RSPCA but unfortunately it didn’t work out and he ended up back with the charity.

Emily Jefferson, animal care assistant at South Godstone, said: “Gary is a larger dog, a lurcher and needs an experienced owner to care for him. Sadly, we do see many of his breed coming in to our care which can mean he gets overlooked or people can be put off adopting him.

“However, with knowledge and information from the staff and with someone willing to put in the time and dedication we believe Gary will thrive in a new home and could make a lovely pet.

“Gary spends a lot of time in our reception where he cannot wait to greet people help or he will just be chilled out on his bed or behind your chair, he loves a good run in our secure enclosures, and is very friendly with everyone he meets.

“He really deserves to find his forever home and I know there will be someone out there that will be a perfect match for him.”

If you think you can offer Gary his forever home, or to rehome any of the other animals in the care of the RSPCA, you can visit www.rspca.org/findapet.