Mayhew helps 18 stray puppies and dogs on a US marine base in Georgia

Mayhew International and Dog Organisation Georgia (DOG) has helped 18 stray dogs and puppies after they were found living on and around a US marine base in Rustavi in Georgia.

One of the marines, who had been fostering for DOG, reported the litter of puppies and under Mayhew’s sponsored Trap Vaccinate Neuter Release programme (TVNR), the dogs were brought to New Vet Clinic in Tbilisi, where Mayhew vets looked them over.

Over two days, the marines helped to bring the dogs into the clinic and transport them back to base, where they will continue to live happily – with the marines.

While the current marine contingent is close to be heading home, a new one will arrive soon and pick up the duty of caring for the dogs.

Mayhew trained vet who checked over the pups, Dr Ana, at new Vet Clinic, said: “Dato and I are delighted and proud to be helping DOG and Mayhew as it is very important to control the stray population and help animals in need.”

Mayhew International receives no government funding and relies on the generous donations from supporters so they can continue to assist and fund local organisations like DOG.

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