Modern moggies: How technology can positively impact your cat’s life

Your cat might snuggle up to your warm laptop as an adorable distraction while working from home, but there are other crucial ways that technology can benefit their lives.

From smart feeders to ensuring your cat’s safety and security, Paul Trott from Catit discusses how modern technology can have a positive impact on our four-legged friends.

Pet ownership has soared over the last two years: as of 2021, 59% of UK households reportedly owned a family pet, over 12 million of which were cats (Statista). Evidently, as we spent more time at home, we wanted to cosy up with a furry friend— but as many of us return to the office and head out on holidays again, you might be worried about how this will impact them.

As a result, with the host of smart products available today, over two thirds of owners reportedly spend more on their pets than they do on themselves.  Below are just some of the innovative ways we can use technology to boost our cat’s quality of life.

Safety and security

Microchipping was first introduced to the UK in 1989, and is a safe, reliable, and pain-free way to be reunited with your beloved pet if they ever get lost. While already compulsory for dog owners to microchip their dogs, the government will soon be making this mandatory for cat owners too (GOV.UK). So, if you’ve just got a new cat or your family pet hasn’t ever been chipped, it’s worth taking them to the vet for this quick procedure: it can save both you and your cat the heartache of being rehomed when rescue centres can’t identify you as their owner.

Additionally, while cats are known for being more independent pets, you may still worry about their safety and security when you are out of the house. This is where pet cameras can help: installing these small cameras in your home mean that you can check in on your cats whenever you need, such as when you’re on holiday and they are in the care of a neighbour. This is also useful if you live in a flat and have indoor cats, as through a live stream to your laptop or smartphone, you can check in to see if they are happy and stimulated enough when you’re out at the office.

Physical health

Just as human medicine has made huge advancements with the help of technology, so has the veterinary world. Some of these developments include the use of 3D printing to make replacements for knee joints or spinal discs, and even a vaccine for certain types of cancer (Oxbridge). With all these incredible treatments enabled by science and technology, we can have as much time with our beloved cats as possible and ensure that they life a healthy life with fewer aches and pains.

Aside from medical-grade technology, our daily use of devices in the home is also helping to enrich our pet’s lives. As well as using the wealth of articles and advice out there to help you choose the perfect food, toys, and home environment for them, you can also use online vet services to make sure that any health issues our cats experience are handled quickly and expertly. Access to this information and these services means that we are more likely to provide safer environments for our cats and help them live happier lives.

Mental health

While we always look out for our pet’s physical health, it’s important to consider their mental health too. Fortunately, regular playtime can address both. Whether it’s through scratching posts, ball mazes, or specialised sensory toys, it’s important that your cat is stimulated. This is especially true for indoor cats, as they don’t get the same opportunities to hunt or play in different environments and can therefore get a little frustrated or stir crazy.

There are a host of smart products out there to help your cat burn off some energy and keep their minds alert, such as sensory toys enriched with catnip or interactive feeders that encourage problem solving in order to get a treat. Try to observe what your cat seems to lack in your home and find the right products for their personality and energy levels — some cats might need a bit of encouragement to get active and play, whereas others might always be full of energy! Creating a stimulating indoor environment that suits them can ultimately make for a happier, calmer cat with a better quality of life.

Smart products

Finally, innovative technology such as smart feeders have completely changed how we look after our cats. One of the major worries felt by owners when going on holiday or doing longer hours in the office is making sure our cats are well-fed. If you can’t enlist a friend or neighbour to feed your furry friend, then these devices allow you to feed them remotely from your smartphone, either by scheduling set feeding times or refilling their bowl as and when it is needed.

These smart feeders are often a better option for cats who don’t react well to new people like neighbours or cat sitters coming to look after them. This way, when you’re away for short trips like a weekend break, you can have peace of mind knowing how happy and well-fed they are in their own home, rather than a cattery.

Technology can help to make all our lives easier, including our feline friends. With a host of innovative products and the constant advancements in veterinary medicine, today’s technology can make a real difference to your cat’s health and quality of life.