Mum and pups found dumped in Rugby

The RSPCA is investigating after a mother and her three puppies were found abandoned in Rugby within days of each other.

An emaciated brindle puppy was found in Pinfold Street on Sunday night (19 August) by a member of the public who contacted the dog warden the following day.

The puppy, nicknamed Penfold, was rushed to a local vet and rescue group Pawprints Dog Rescue were contacted for help.

Two days later, a bitch and two pups were also found abandoned nearby. The mother- a shar pei type – was extremely skinny and had pressure sores down her legs. The dog warden and Pawprints were extremely suspicious and contacted the RSPCA to investigate.

RSPCA Inspector Hercy Boal, who is now investigating, said: “There was a lot of publicity online and on social media following Penfold’s discovery and I think this may lead to his – and his mum and sibling’s – owner to panic and abandon the others. The puppies are extremely similar and all three are around eight-weeks old.

All four dogs were collected and taken to the RSPCA’s Newbrook Farm Animal Hospital in Birmingham. They’ve now been moved to the charity’s Coventry, Nuneaton & District Branch.

Inspector Boel added: “I find the circumstances that these dogs were found in extremely suspicious and they obviously weren’t receiving the appropriate care in their previous home. I’m keen to find out where these dogs came from and who’s responsible for letting them get into such poor condition and then abandoning them.

“Unfortunately, the RSPCA is called to thousands of abandoned animals every year, but even though this is a daily occurrence for us, it never ceases to sadden me how someone could so cruelly dump their pet in the street like a piece of discarded rubbish.

“Thankfully, these beautiful dogs are now safe and will receive all the TLC they need.”

If anyone has any information on the puppies should call the RSPCA appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and leave Inspector Boel a message.