Natures Menu launches ‘Real Meaty Treats’ for puppies

Natures Menu has launched its new ‘Real Meaty Treats’ range, specifically designed for puppies.

The treats, which are an extension of the popular range for adult dogs, follow the same high quality and real meat combination as the existing products, but in smaller pieces that are convenient for the size of puppies’ mouths.

The launch comes following the sharp rise in puppy ownership as a result of national lockdowns, and research commissioned by Natures Menu that revealed a startling 32% of dog parents admitted they didn’t have enough guidance to help them through the struggles of pet training and ownership.

As the irresistible natural and meaty recipe comes in small, bite-sized chunks, the delicious-yet-healthy treats are therefore perfect for reward-based training to help them get settled into their new and loving home.

The treats, which are endorsed by Puppy School, will come in a chicken variety and will also contain no traces of grain, artificial flavours or colours, so are perfect for pet-parents seeking the very best nutritional products for their pups.

Made with high-quality, human grade, nutrients-rich ingredients, the Real Meaty Treats for Puppies range will come in 60g bags and will be available in stores and online from 22 February, retailing at £2.19.

Melanie Sainsbury, Veterinary Education Manager at Natures Menu, said: “We know just how important providing the best for your pup is to pet parents and that’s why we’ve created these deliciously nutritious Real Meaty Treats. The nourishing recipe packed into a convenient, bite-sized chunks make these treats the ideal partner for reward-based training, or simply a healthy snack for your new furry addition to the family.”

For more information on Natures Menu’s products, raw feeding, hints and tips on puppy ownership, simply visit the Natures Menu website to download its ‘Puppy Booklet’.