Nature’s Variety range launches with industry-leading focus on kindness

A new natural pet food range, Nature’s Variety, has launched online and in pet stores, with an industry-first focus on kindness.

Nature’s Variety will lead a new era of natural nutrition in pet food, focusing on high quality ingredients, innovation and traceability, ensuring kindness towards pets and the world around them.

It’s Freeze-Dried range – from the brand’s £2.8m investment in technology at its Norfolk factory – is a key staple of the range, giving pet owners the comfort that their furry friends will be getting all the benefits from raw, in the convenient form of dry food.

The brand is unique in its focus on kindness, as research reveals that 96% of pet owners claim that it’s important that ingredients included in their pet food of choice is kind to both our pets and the planet.

Nature’s Variety uses the highest quality ingredients from trusted suppliers and the range features highly nutritional, complete & balanced products in a variety of premium deboned meats, with vegetables, botanicals and superfoods and no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

The range is available for Adult Dog, Small Adult Breeds, Puppy, Adult Cat and Kitten across a number of varieties. Meat Boost is the hero product – combining high meat kibble and freeze-dried pieces packed with natural goodness, providing all the power of raw with the convenience of dry.

James Langan, Managing Director of Nature’s Variety said: “As we launch Nature’s Variety, the recipes offer a variety of highest quality ingredients, which can be traced back to trusted suppliers, and we are keeping processing to a minimum to keep the goodness locked in.

“Kindness is not just about how we treat out beloved pets, but what we feed them too. The new range demonstrates our commitment to be clear and open about our ingredients, our sources, processes and how we’re improving our impact on the planet, so pet owners can have peace of mind in their decision to feed natural pet food.”

Nature’s Variety is available to purchase at specialist pet stores and online at