Nearly two thirds of Brits prioritise their pets health over their own

New data reveals that 62% of pet owners prioritise their pet’s health and happiness over their own.

The survey commissioned by Petsure of 2,500 pet owners found that 1 in 3 British pets are uninsured, yet 1 in 10 pet owners admit to taking their pets to the vet more often than they visit the GP.

Attitudes to pet care change from region to region. Londoners are the most frequent vet visitors, whilst the southwest of England prioritise their own health over their pets. Men are more likely to take their pets to the vet, but less likely to prioritise their pet’s health over their own.

But despite treating their pets to the best, there is still a high percentage of uninsured pets in the UK. 35% of pet owners failed to purchase pet insurance and regretted it due to a large vet bill or expenses that weren’t expected.

Vets are increasingly seeing the impact that pandemic puppies are having on their practices, from over subscription, non-existing financial cover and, in certain times, increased abuse aimed at vets.

Celebrity Vet Dr Scott comments that: “Vets are under a huge amount of pressure at the moment and this is having a direct impact on the provision of health care for vulnerable British pets. Due to factors such as Brexit and the ongoing effects of COVID-19, there is currently a critical shortage of vets here in the UK and I have seen first-hand that practices across the country are struggling to cope. That’s why offerings like FirstVet are so important in times like these, ensuring that pet owners can get expert advice quickly and easily, whilst also giving overloaded vets a much needed helping hand.”

With thousands of pet owners unable to ensure they receive the treatment needed for pets, health insurance providers are turning their hand to deliver new solutions. Petsure is leading the market by ensuring there is always a Vet on hand to provide advice through FirstVet, and by offering fair insurance for cats and dogs.

Ryan Howsam, CEO Staysure Group says: “Petsure was designed to give fair pet insurance for cats and dogs with medical conditions. We could see that many other insurers couldn’t offer the cover that owners wanted. Whether for a puppy, kitten or older pets.”