Nutravet launch Omega-3 joint support for cats and dogs

Nutravet has introduced a new Omega-3 joint supplement to its veterinary exclusive range for cats and dogs.

Launched in addition to the highly successful Nutraquin+, Nutraquin includes high purity Omega-3s, meaning it’s ideal for milder cases. The benefits are generally noticeable within six weeks. Nutraquin contains a formula of high purity, refined Omega-3s from fish oils, which have been scientifically proven to aid joint mobility by supporting the natural systems that control inflammation and helping aid blood flow to the joints.

Commenting on the introduction of Nutraquin with Omega-3, Matthew Shaw, Managing Director at Nutravet said: “The Nutraquin range has been supporting pet’s joints for over 10 years and is the number one veterinary exclusive joint support product for dogs and cats in the UK & Ireland. The new Omega-3 product offers pet owners high strength fast acting support for dogs and cats while they grow”

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