Nutravet offers tips and advice for pet owners during the Covid-19 outbreak

Natural animal health company, Nutravet continued their dedicated support for pet owners throughout the Covid-19 crisis with a continued campaign of updates and advice on pet health to make sure pets receive the best care possible whilst many veterinary practices offered a limited service.

The company who manufactures the number 1 veterinary exclusive joint support, Nutraquin+ saw an increased demand for their products during the outbreak and wanted to make sure it was doing eveything to meet the needs of pet owners and their stockists.

Managing Director for Nutravet, Matthew Shaw comments: “We have worked tirelessly to meet the unprecedented demand for our range during the Covid-19 outbreak. The extra time owners were spending with their pets meant they were more attentive and able to see changes to their pet’s health and behaviour. Many pet owners were stocking up on our range, utilsing our products to help their pets anxiety due to changes in routines or to help them train whilst spending extra quality time together.

Animal health is important to us and at a time of crisis, some owners were worried about their pets, especially with limited access to veterinary practices. We hope the advice and information we offered pet owners was valued during a very stressful time.”

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