Pamper your pup this Christmas with Be:Loved all-natural products

Be:Loved is an all-natural range of natural grooming products lovingly made in the UK, with sustainably sourced ingredients.

Kind and gentle enough for that special four-legged friend in your life, they’re the perfect stocking filler for dog-loving friends and family this festive season!

The inspiration for the Be:Loved range collection was an old farmhouse animal husbandry care book handed down through generations. This old family heirloom belonging to Be:Loved founder, Carina,  contained a treasure chest of natural recipes which have now been used and reimagined for today’s nature-loving, dog owner.

Be:Loved Shampoo Bars (£7.99)

Our range of long-lasting natural shampoo bars includes Be:Calm conditioning shampoo bar with calming lavender and chamomile for softer skin and silkier coats and Be:Clean antibacterial shampoo bar, which helps keep your pet’s coat lice and bacteria-free. Be:Bugfree exfoliates, moisturises and repels insects whilst infusing your pet’s fur with a fresh, citrussy scent. Be:Vegan with hemp and chamomile is perfect for pets with problem skin.

Be:Loved Balms (£9.99)

Be:Soft balm contains beeswax, shea-butter, vitamin E, avocado oil, manuka honey, grapeseed oil and lavender oil to help soothe cracked paw pads, elbow callouses and dry noses. Formulated with a natural blend of essential oils and moisturising Vitamin E, our Be:Safe first aid balm is designed to soothe minor injuries, like scratches and grazes, and alleviate the discomfort of stings and bites. Be:Sunsafe is our sun protection balm packed with intensively nourishing ingredients. Ideal for pets that spend time in the sun, it also helps repel insects.

The Be:Pure boot room candle (£16.99) removes pet odours and brings the fresh and calming smells of rose, lavender and camomile to your home. It’s formulated with enzymes which remove unwanted household smells.

The blended natural botanical oils and essences in Be:Pure (£20) improve circulation and add lustre and pep for sleek, replenished coats and skin.

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