Paul O’Grady falls head over tails for stray Battersea sausage dog

Paul O’Grady has adopted another Battersea rescue dog, who he fell in love with during recent filming of the hit TV show Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs.

Sausage, a Wire-Haired Dachshund, captured the TV presenter’s heart when she found herself in the care of Battersea’s London centre after being found as a stray.

It seems that little Sausage is very well travelled, even at the young age of two. Upon her arrival at the much-loved charity, staff scanned her microchip in the hope of reuniting her with her original owner. However, they soon discovered that Sausage’s chip was registered to an address very far away…in Poland.

Paul O’Grady said: “It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for dogs, but as soon as I laid eyes on Sausage I knew that she was special. Despite being a small dog and having been through so much in life so far, she has such a huge character and a really loving personality. I’m so proud to announce that I have rehomed her!

“Dogs can find themselves in a rescue centre for a number of reasons; they could have been a stray like Sausage or had a bad start in life. However, every rescue dog has so much love to give and they make the most rewarding pets. Not all rescues are perfect, but they’re definitely worth it.”

Sausage will now be the fifth dog that the comedian has adopted from Battersea. Paul has been an ambassador for Battersea since 2012.

Paul continues: “If you’re getting a new pet, I’d urge everyone to consider a rescue in the first instance as they have so much love to give and are just looking for someone to give them a second chance, just as I’ve done with my five Battersea dogs! If you’re not in a position to rescue a pet, you can still show your love for rescue animals by supporting Battersea’s Wear Blue For Rescue campaign.”

The final episode of Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs airs on the March 9 2022 at 8pm. Paul O’Grady supports Battersea’s latest campaign, ‘Wear Blue for Rescue’, which encourages people to show their love for rescue pets everywhere. Learn more about Battersea’s new campaign by visiting