Pawfect Foods introduces Cheescuits to the UK pet market

Pawfect Foods launch their Cheesecuits dog biscuit range in the UK, made with 60% authentic Chhurpi Cheese and 0% filler grains.

Today’s health conscious pet patents are more savvy these days when it comes to deciding how best to reward their eager-to-please dogs.

A growing enthusiasm for ‘snackification’ amongst humans is now being embraced by the premium pet food fraternity, leading to a long overdue rethink regarding with constitutes a well-balanced ingredient and nutritional deck.

At the front of the healthy innovation pack is Pawfect Foods, whose latest snacking/gifting range is Cheescuits, a premium tier, cheese-centric biscuit made with 60% Himalayan Cheese PLUS a tasty blend of beneficial fruit, veg, herbs, superfoods OR Nut butter and absolutely O% cheap ‘filler’ grains.

Before Pawfect Cheese Biscuit treats for dogs had little more than a light smattering of cheese powder (4-6%) to mask an instantly forgettable mix of ‘nutritionally vacant’ grains.

Authenticity and real ingredients sit at the very heart of the Cheescuits vision; from the authentic, Chhurpi cheese that dries out slowly in the sun, (Vs any high-tech drying room) to only using milk from happy, hormone-free yaks and cows that roam the pristine, chemical-free Himalayan pastures.

Pawfect believes that every dog deserves to be spoilt with dog treats made from an array of better-for-you, human-grade ingredients and (nut butter, cinnamon, spinach and carrot) clean-deck recipes that satisfy taste buds whilst supporting daily, ‘healthier living’ aspirations.

Cheescuits will initially be available in 5 distinct flavours

  • 60% Chhurpi Cheese PLUS Apple & Cinnamon, 60% Chhurpi Cheese PLUS Pumpkin & Flaxseed
  • 60% Chhurpi Cheese PLUS Banana & Peanut Butter, 60% Chhurpi Cheese PLUS Pineapple & Coconut
  • & 60% Chhurpi Cheese PLUS Spinach & Carrot

Cheesecuits will be available to buy from online pet sites and independent pet food retailers with an RRP of £5.99 for a 100g tin. For more information visit