Pooch & Mutt release NEW calming and superfood dental sticks

Pooch & Mutt introduce new, vet approved dental sticks to their range of treats and supplements for dogs.

The dental sticks come in two flavours, Superfood ‘Mint & Spirulina’ and Calming ‘Hemp & Sage’ –  both boosted with novel functional ingredients to offer added value!

Superfood ‘Mint & Spirulina’

  • Contains powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants to aid immunity

  • Helps keep breath fresh

  • Helps prevent tartar formation

Calming ‘Hemp & Sage’: 

  • Naturally helps to maintain low-stress levels

  • Antimicrobial effect to help fight plaque

  • Helps prevent tartar formation

The dental sticks are shaped to clean deep between teeth and are also designed to last longer, ensuring your dog gets plenty of chewing time. This chewing keeps those gnashers sparkling white while also providing your dog with something enriching to be doing (while you’re having a brew and putting your feet up!).

Pooch and Mutt’s Dental Sticks are supplemented with SHMP (sodium hexametaphosphate), an anti-staining and tartar preventative ingredient used by human dentists.

In both flavours of the Dental Sticks, you will find:

  • Chicken – A lean, healthy protein source which provides energy and essential amino acids to help your dog grow and maintain adequate lean muscle mass.

  • SHMP – Sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP) binds the calcium found in dental plaque so it can be easily removed via dogs’ saliva. This process prevents the formation of tartar, leading to fresher, healthier gums.

Suitable for all breeds and ages from 6 months old.

RRP: £3.49 per pack of 7 Dental Sticks