‘Puparazzi’: Over 77 million Photos of Dogs Taken By ‘Pawrents’ Every Week

There’s very little our furry friends can do without getting papped by their ‘pawrent’, with new research from Natures Menu revealing that UK owners take over 77 million photos of their dogs every week.

With some insta-famous dog accounts boasting over 10 million followers, is it possible that owners prioritise pup-pics over selfies? This would likely apply to over a third (36%) of the UK’s dog owners, who say their pooch is more beautiful than they are, rising to 42% amongst female owners.

The survey amongst 1,000 dog owners in the UK also ranked the ten most beautiful breeds, and Queen Elizabeth might disagree with where her beloved Corgis have placed!

  1. Golden Retriever 18.0%
  2. Labrador 15.7%
  3. Other 13.8%
  4. Jack Russell 10.6%
  5. Springer Spaniel 10.2%
  6. Border Collie 10.2%
  7. Beagle  7.7%
  8. Cockapoo 6.6%
  9. Terrier 4.1%
  10. Corgi 3.2%

But what are we doing to get our canines beautiful and camera-ready? Owners confess to looking after their dog better than themselves ‘because they are worth it’, according to the research by Nature’s Menu, Europe’s leading expert in raw and natural pet food.

James Langan, Managing Director at Natures Menu, said: “For many dog owners, their canine companion was a huge comfort during lockdown, and they now want to do the very best for their pet by return. Our research clearly shows that we have fallen in love with our best furry friends more than ever, and diet plays a crucial part in helping them to look and feel healthy and happy.

“Feeding raw is one of the best ways in which you can help your dog to look and feel its best. The ‘raw food look’ is something our customers have embraced, with 76% reporting a noticeable improvement in their dog’s appearance after making the switch from other food formats**. Other reported benefits include more solid and less smelly poos (82%), and shinier coat (66%), for improved health and wellbeing inside and out.”

In fact, nearly three quarters (70%) of owners say their pets are their top priority over personal care – with half even admitting to looking after their pooches’ glossy coat better than their own hair!

 And the nation’s prettiest pups are literally stopping us in our tracks, with the vast majority (75%) of people stopping in the street to compliment a beautiful dog, and two thirds (64%) will also pass judgement on another owner based on how healthy their dog looks.

More than half (53%) consider the quality of their dog’s diet to be the most important factor when it comes to helping their hound look and feel its best. A third (33%) take better care to provide their four-legged friend with the right nutritional diet than they do for themselves, and 47% always ensure their pet eats first at home.

To help dog owners safely transition to feeding raw, Natures Menu has launched its brand-new Raw Starter Bundle to help make a seamless switch in just seven days.

For more information visit https://www.naturesmenu.co.uk/raw-food-look.