Puppy purchased when parents were on holiday

London based animal welfare charity, Mayhew are encouraging people to consider the commitment of a new pet before buying a puppy.

Their advice comes after a three-month old Jack Russell puppy was brought to the rescue centre, after a young buyer brought him while his parents were on holiday.

Once his parents returned, they realised they couldn’t cope with looking after the puppy and took him to be rehomed.

However, after a thorough health check, Donnie was put up for adoption and soon found a new home. Donnie has since be renamed Peanut and is enjoying his new life in his loving home, and particularly loves chasing tennis balls.

Mayhew’s Head of Animal Welfare, Zoe Edwards, said: “There are already so many unwanted animals in rescue centres like ours, that have come from people who buy pets on a whim, without taking into consideration the responsibilities and needs of the animal.

“Absolutely anyone over the age of 16 can walk into a pet show or buy an animal they want online. There are no checks on their reliability and ability of buyers to look after pets.”

Mayhew supports the government’s call for evidence on whether there should be a ban on their party puppy sales.