Rescue rabbits dream of carrots – and finding a new forever home

A pair of beautiful bunnies will be bedding down this Christmas Eve and hoping Santa will bring them what they’ve asked for: a new home.

Ten-week old bunnies Coco and Chanel have been tidying up their bedroom at RSPCA Danaher Animal Centre, in Essex in between taking naps with their favourite cuddly toy in the hope that Father Christmas will put them on his ‘nice’ list and make all their dreams come true.

Craig Horsler from RSPCA Danaher said: “Coco and Chanel love playing on their bed and cuddling up to their giant toy bunny for naps under their carrot mobile. They’ve also been enjoying some rabbit stories before bedtime.

“They’re dreaming of carrots and finding a new home in time for Christmas. They’ve already written their lists for Santa (and checked them twice) so now we’re hoping his elves will be able to find them the paw-fect home.”

To find out more about Coco and Chanel you can visit their online profile or call Danaher Animal Centre on 0300 111 4321.

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