REVIEW: True Instinct High-Meat Cat food

As a pet parent to two cats, I always find feeding time tricky. One cat eats more than the other and they always seem to swap bowls halfway through.

So, when I was asked to trial the new High-Meat dry cat food from True Instinct, I was delighted to give it a go. My two cats, Pippy (female) and Snoopy (male) are both senior cats, so they have their own routine and personalities

I was stuck in a bit of a feeding rut with Pippy and Snoopy as they are quite fussy and never seemed full, despite feeding the right amount of food each day, plus the odd treat. Before trialling the dry food, both of my cats ate wet food sachets, something they have always eaten.

The True Instinct ‘High-Meat’ range has a recipe ratio of 75% high meat and 25% natural fruit, vegetables and botanicals, which aim to provide complete balanced nutrition that helps to fuel cats and kittens’ active lives.

The range is grain, gluten and cereal free with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives; all complete, balanced and veterinary approved.

We were sent the Free-Range Chicken flavour to try, one that I knew my cats would love as chicken is a go to flavour, which I know they both like. Both are outdoor cats, one slightly more active than the other. They have been used to wet cat food, so I was a little worried about how they would react to suddenly having dry food.

Making the change

It is recommended that when changing any pet’s diet, you do it gradually rather than a straight switch. I continued with the wet food, gradually adding in some of the new dry True Instinct food. Over a week I slowly increased the amount of dry food compared to wet food, gradually phasing that out completely.

Changes to any pet’s normal routine, including food could lead to stress and one of my cats is prone to urinary tract problems (which can sometimes be caused by anxiety), so I wanted to make the process as stress free as possible.

Overall the switch was a positive one and Pippy and Snoopy seem to love their new dry food. There were no tummy upsets or no refusal to eat the new food. They do seem to have upped their intake of water, which I assume is due to eating more dry food.

I’ve definitely noticed a change, rather than begging for food they seem full after eating and more content. As their owner, I also feel better knowing that I am giving my cats a more nutritional diet that benefits their overall health.

The True Instinct ‘High Meat’ range comes in a convenient resealable pack, which helps to keep it fresh for each mealtime. It also includes easy to understand feeding guidelines based on your cat’s weight.

The ‘High Meat’ cat range is available in 300g and 1.5kg bags at an RRP of £2.99 and £17.99. We tried the Free-Range Chicken, but other flavours include, Salmon with Tuna and Turkey with Duck.

Overall, I am really happy with how the trial has gone and hope to keep using the range to support my cat’s health. They are in the senior age range so as they get older, I understand the importance of keeping them healthy.

For more information on the ‘High-Meat’ cat range or other products from True Instinct, you can visit

Pippy tucking into the new dry food