RSPCA appeals for information after rabbits dumped in playing fields

The RSPCA is appealing for information after it is believed four rabbits were abandoned over the scorching bank holiday weekend.

Three of the rabbits were discovered in Havengore, Basildon, Essex on Monday (26) August in a playing field.

The fourth rabbit was collected a day later from the same spot, so it is believed they had been dumped together. As the rabbits were loose, it’s possible that the fourth rabbit had been on her own overnight.

A kind member of the public who spotted the bunnies contacted the RSPCA and Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Lucy Fackerell rescued the rabbits.

She said: “The temperature was scorching over the bank holiday and the rabbits were found without any water, shelter or food but thankfully they were found when they were, and the kind member of the public gave them some shade and water until I arrived. We believe they had been abandoned because they were in a bad way and very underweight, but it is also possible that they could have escaped.

“I took them to Essex Guinea Pig, Rat and Rabbit Rescue who have been caring for them. All the rabbits were underweight and have been ravenous when eating. Three of the rabbits are adult males and one of them, the last one to be found, is female and could be pregnant.

“They were named Arthur, Albert, Alexandra and Edward. Sadly, Arthur was in a worse condition that the others as his legs were very weak and he had old bite wounds and sores on his feet. The vets mentioned closely but he started to quickly deteriorate and wasn’t responding to treatment, so the vet decided to put Arthur to sleep to end his suffering.”

If you have any information about where these rabbits have come from, or how they came to be abandoned contact the RSPCA inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.