RSPCA appeals to find owner of stray ferret

The RSPCA is hoping to find the owners of a ferret who was found living until some garden decking for a week.

The sable ferret who was living under decking in a garden in Stoke-on-Trent was rescued by the RSPCA on Saturday (21st September).

The homeowners contacted the RSPCA and Animal Collection Officer (AO) Julie Lyons arrived to rescue the ferret.

Julie said: “The adventurous ferret was under some decking in a garden. It was a raised area made of wooden pallets which he had been living underneath for a while. The caller thought he was stuck and managed to contain him in a cardboard box, but he escaped and went straight back under the wooden pallets. I raised up the floor and managed to get hold of him.

“He’s a very friendly ferret so has clearly been someone’s pet, which is why we are keen to reunite him with his owner if we can. His details have been put on PetsLocated and he is now being cared for by a local ferret rescue.”

The small furry is in good condition except for a scratch on his head which was already starting to heal when found. If you think he may be your pet, you can contact the inspectorate appeal line on 300 123 8018.