RSPCA issue neutering advice after collecting litter of six-week-old kittens

The RSPCA is urging cat owners to get their pets neutered after collecting five kittens that were abandoned in a Moses basket in Surrey.

A woman contacted the animal welfare charity on 23 April after finding a Moses basket in Ashford with five tiny kittens inside.

Animal welfare officer (AWO) Carl Hone who collected the kittens, said: “The kittens are around six weeks old, so really should still be with their mum. Unfortunately, the RSPCA sees a huge influx of kittens every summer during kitten season because there are many un-neutered pet cats and stray cats in England.”

The kittens – all black or black and white – are now being cared for at RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre where they have been named after famous rappers.

“The message we really want to hit home to people is that they need to get their cats neutered to avoid any unwanted litters, which in turn, puts a lot of pressure on animal charities and rescue centres like the RSPCA,” added officer Hone.

The RSPCA and other animal charities, along with some veterinary practices, offer discounted neutering.