RSPCA launch appeal to trace person who dumped elderly dog with tumour

The RSPCA has launched an investigation after an elderly dog was found abandoned in the garden of an empty shop.

The elderly female German Shepherd-cross dog was found outside the empty premises in 141 Waterloo Street, Burton on Trent, by a workman who had just finished a job on the property.

He could see the dog was in poor condition and had no food and water so took her to the RSPCA’s Burton and District Branch on Monday February 1.

The dog, who has been named Shadow by staff, was found to be clearly underweight, her fur was filthy, and she had an untreated tumour the size of a golf ball on her neck.

Shadow is now on antibiotics and will be undergoing tests to see if she requires an operation to remove the growth. She was not microchipped and now animal rescuer, RSPCA inspector Ann Bennett is appealing for information to trace her owner.

Ann said: “It seems poor Shadow was abandoned by her owner probably because she was elderly, and they could see she needed treatment for her tumour. It is heart breaking that someone would choose to do this to their pet when they are clearly in need of help.

“It is clear her needs were not being met and we are grateful for the member of the public who found her. At this stage I don’t know if Shadow was dumped in the garden of the property of if she was abandoned nearby and wandered in – but the garden was enclosed.

“There is never an excuse to dump an animal when there are plenty of charities out there to help those struggling. I am hoping that someone will recognise the dog and may be able to identify who owned her. I would also like to find out who the previous tenants were in the property before it was vacated as they may be able to help with my enquiries.”

A spokesperson for the Burton branch said: “Shadow is doing really well considering and has the most wonderful temperament. We’ve been bathing her neck tumour regularly as it has been bleeding and is in quite a mess, but she’s putting up with everything like a star and is so well natured.”

Anyone with information should call the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 123 8018.