RSPCA rescues abandoned guinea pigs from tiny cage

The RSPCA rescued two guinea pigs who were abandoned in a small, dirty hamster cage at a farm in Essex.

The young boars were left inside the hamster cage in direct sunlight at a milk station on a farm in Waltham Abbey on Wednesday 8 April.

The guinea pigs were discovered by a member of the public who contacted the RSPCA for help. Animal collection Officer Kate Wright collected the piggies and took them home with her where she runs a guinea pig rescue.

Kate said: “These guinea pigs were abandoned in a small, dirty hamster cage which is completely inappropriate housing for them, it’s also dangerous as they could have easily become stuck in the small hamster tubes. They were also left out in the sun on the farm on a hot day. Although they are in good health, they are both very nervous so don’t seem to have had much handling previously.”

RSPCA Inspector Nicole Smith is now investigating how the guinea pigs came to be abandoned.

She said: “We understand that everyone is going through a challenging time at the moment during the Coronavirus pandemic, but we would urge people not to abandon their pets. If you’re struggling to cope with the care of your pets, please ask for help from friends and family.”