RSPCA reunites owner with cat – lost for six years

The RSPCA has reunited a cat with her owner after six years, thanks to the pet’s microchip.

RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham received a call from a member of the public who had seen the cat traying in Shere, Guildford, on Tuesday (January 21).

Fortunately, she was able to catch the cat, who appeared friendly, and brought her into the centre the same day.

After scanning the black female cat for a microchip staff there found an email address for an owner and realised, she must be a missing pet.

Ysella Sims, who now lives 162 miles away in Exeter, was shocked when by chance she was checking an old email address just days later and saw the message.

Ysella, who lives with husband Glen, lived in Shere at the time the cat – called Hicks went missing in June 2014 but had moved to a new house over that summer in preparation for relocating to Devon.

Hicks was taken to the new house but then went missing and despite many attempts to find her, the family resigned themselves to making the move without her.

Ysella said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the email, I was just in shock, it’s not what you expect after six years, but of course we were all delighted. We adopted Hick’s sister Claudie at the same time and sadly she passed away this summer, so it is so lovely to have something positive to focus on.

“She has obviously been well looked after as she is in great condition and certainly isn’t underweight, in fact she clearly enjoys her food. We also have a labradoodle and they get on great together, particularly enjoying cuddling up on the sofa, so she is feeling right at home.

“I am so pleased I had her microchipped and would like to encourage other pet owners to be vigilant about keeping their details up to date. I’d also like to say a massive thank you to the RSPCA in Millbrook, Hicks was clearly a big hit with them all there and they all commented on how lovely and affectionate she was, they are doing a great job.”

Oriana Lovato, reception supervisor at RSPCA Millbrook, said: “We are so happy to have reunited Hicks with her rightful family, it is lovely to be part of a happy ending. Hicks is such an affectionate cat she was a real hit with all the cattery staff her so we are pleased she is back in her home.

“We will always check animals brought into us for a microchip and also place them on websites such as pets Located so it is vital owners keep these details up to date just in case, they do lose their animals.”

The RSPCA have submitted evidence to a recent government consultation on compulsory microchipping of cats, the charity believes that microchipping your pet and keeping contact details up-to-date is vitally important in ensuring that if anything happens to them, if they are lost or stolen, or hit by a car, then they can be returned to their owner.