RSPCA urges owners to do research before buying a rabbit

This Easter, the RSPCA is urging owners to do their research before deciding to buy a bunny.

Figures reveal that the charity sees around 800 abandonment complaints for rabbits each year. So far this year there have been 198 rabbits abandoned since January.

As Easter approaches, the RSPCA are raising awareness about the plight of abandoned bunnies.

In February, two mini lop eared rabbits were abandoned in a hutch in Regents Park, London. The paid had been dumped without food or water in very cold conditions and were lucky to have survived.

Dr Jane Tyson, RSPCA rabbit welfare expert, said: “Rabbits are arguably one of the most neglected pets in Britain despite being much-loved by many. Sadly it could be a lack of knowledge about their needs, which leads to so many rabbits being abandoned and coming into our care.

“Bunnies may look cute, but their needs are very complex and it’s important to do lots of research before buying or adopting pet rabbits to ensure that you can meet all their needs.”

In 2017, the charity investigated 2,428 complaints of neglect about rabbits and more than 2,000 bunnies were rescued by the charity last year.