Staysure Group launch game changing pet insurance provider: Petsure

Staysure Group is thrilled to announce the launch of a unique new product that will send ripples through the pet insurance world.

Petsure is on a mission to reform pet insurance by helping every cat and dog possible, regardless of their pre-existing medical conditions or age. They are committed to fair pricing and have no exclusion periods if you switch cover from an existing insurer with like for like cover.

Most other providers have restrictions for older pets commonly if your dog is over the age of 8 or 10 for cats. As a result, the customer often feels trapped to stay with their current insurer.

Petsure ensures there are no hidden costs and allows customers to build a policy that suits them, and their pets needs through different add-ons such as dental illness.

Petsure has one of the widest choices of vet fee levels in the market £1,000 to £15,000 regardless of whether your pet has pre-existing medical conditions or not.

With a range of selectable limits, Petsure can cover a combination of up to eight cats or dogs on a single policy and give the option of tailoring the level of cover for each pet including the option of sharing the bill, to fit your budget. Plus, a choice of 4 add-on covers including travel and holiday cover, and help to find a missing pet, with Petsure, the customer can match the cover to their pocket.

It also offers unlimited 24hr video access to vets through FirstVet to all Petsure users. Certain common pet health issues can be treated remotely, with it not always being necessary for owners to physically take their pets to the vet. Thus, potentially saving time and money and preventing stress to the pet. It also particularly useful with current Covid pandemic.

Petsure is part of the Staysure Group, which includes trusted travel insurance brands like Staysure. With over 15 years’ experience covering over 7 million people with insurance, Staysure Group are proud specialists in covering people with pre-existing health conditions. Using years of collective experience in covering people with pre-existing conditions, Petsure are standing up to pet inequality once and for all, by putting the underdog first. It is tailored pet insurance that’s worth wagging your tail for.

To celebrate the product launch Petsure are hosting the Petsure Games – The World’s first ever pet paralympic-style games which will be held at the Bath & West Country Festival from 2729th August.

The Pet-acular Petsure Games will be three days of furry fun, set in the heart of one of the UK’s best-loved country shows. To give every dog a chance take part, the Games have been designed with world-class agility coaches to be suitable for all dogs, even those who are elderly, disabled, or have pre-existing health conditions. With events covering jumpless jumps to accommodate our less abled pets, scent-based fetch to include any visibly impaired pups there is something for everyone at this ultimutt event.

Ryan Howsam, CEO of Staysure said: “Petsure will completely redefine the way people can buy pet insurance for cats and dogs with medical conditions. Building on the heritage of the Staysure brand, Petsure provides a simple and easy solution for customers to find the cover they require for their beloved pets.”

Celebrity Veterinarian, Dr Scott Miller said: “Every day I see pets come into my clinics with worried owners. Worrying for the wellbeing of your pet is expected but worrying about the cost of treatment should not be a concern. That’s why I’m so thrilled that a product has launched to ensure our furry friends with most pre-existing conditions can be treated and pet-prejudice is no longer an issue.”

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