Study reveals Hollywood’s top dog

Some of the greatest and most memorable movies of all-time star cute and courageous canines as their leading roles.

But who is the world’s most-loved dog in movie history? And which dog was the most profitable of all?

Dog Friendly Cottages conducted a study of all dog movies released in the last 30 years and found that the world’s most-loved dog is the golden retriever, Dug, from Up.

The study also revealed that the most profitable dog in Hollywood is jack Russell Max, from the Secret Life of Pets.

Dug scored an impressive 18 out of 20 on the People’s rating and this combined with the film’s $677,250,109 gross profit (adjusted for inflation), puts Dug miles ahead of all the other famous movie star pooches from the last 30 years.

The People’s favourite dog

As well as being Hollywood’s Top Dog, the study also revealed that Dug from Up is the world’s favourite canine movie star. These results were based on a combined score of both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings.











The top ten of Top Dogs features some old favourites like Gromit from Wallace and Gromit and Snowy from the Adventures Of Tintin, as well as Border Collie Rex/Fly from Babe. Sitting at the bottom the the table is the well known St Bernard, Beethoven and Beagle, Snoopy from The Peanuts Movie.

The Most Profitable Hollywood Dog

Max and Co from The Secret Life of Pets holds the number one spot for the most profitable dog in Hollywood.

The loving and charming Jack Russell Max first hit our screens in 2016 when the film was first released and grossed an impressive total of just over $800 million in profit. Now taking inflation into account, this would equate to a whopping $868,227,042.













More information on the study can be found here