Sustainable insect-based pet food launches in UK

Launching exclusively in the UK today, Aardvark is skipping the small talk and cutting straight to the point that needs to be addressed, making pet ownership more planet-friendly.

The sustainable brand introduces its first range of kibbles produced using only sustainable protein ingredients and packaged using fully recyclable, sustainable and industrially compostable packaging.

New research has found that 56% of pet owners have purchased more premium pet food over the past three months than ever before, and with 3.2 million new pets being bought home since the start of the pandemic, that’s a lot of premium meals!

Contrary to popular belief, pets eat an estimated 20% of the world’s meat and are responsible for as much as a quarter of the damage associated with the meat industry, which to this day largely remains an untold story.

With 66% of millennials already reducing their own meat intake, they have inevitably turned their  attention to what they feed their pets, and having worked with some of the world’s best  veterinarians and nutritionists to produce the range, Aardvark’s kibbles provide a nutritionally balanced, protein rich, insect-based alternative pet food, that is both fully sustainable while remaining hypoallergenic. Welcome the future of (pet) food!

Putting taste at the forefront, Aardvark’s ‘Crafted for Cats’ and ‘Developed for Dogs’ crunchy  kibble range is made from sustainable insect meal and a delicious blend of sweet potato,  pulses, fruits and herbs. The kibble was developed by leading veterinarians and nutritionists to  contain all the essential proteins, nutrients, vitamins and minerals that a pet needs to thrive –  even the British Veterinary Association endorse insect protein and their ex-President Simon  Doherty says “it is better than top steak”.

Aardvark founder Hugo Walters said: “From day one when we started Aardvark our goal was to create the best kibble for dogs and  cats, containing the best possible ingredients both in terms of nutritional benefit and  sustainability. Insect protein offers a unique combination in that it is sustainable whilst  simultaneously meeting the nutritional needs of our pets. If you take a cat, it is an obligate  carnivore so cannot thrive on a plant-based diet – while plant-based diets on the human side  have taken off, pet food has lagged behind. I am delighted that at Aardvark we have found a  solution, backed by a group of world leading veterinarians and nutritionists that helps solve the  environmental issues posed by pet food.

“Today with the launch of our kibbles, pet owners can feed their pets planet friendly food in the  knowledge that their dog or cat is getting a delicious high protein sustainable meal that still  meets all their needs and allows them to truly thrive.”

Priced from £8.99 for cats and £12.99 for dogs, Aardvark’s new Crafted for Cats and Developed for Dog kibble range is available to purchase online now from