Teach your dog how to ‘trick for treats’ this Halloween

This Halloween, premium raw pet food brand, Natural Instinct is teaming up with Bella, a Cocker Spaniel and her owner to prove to the nation that anyone can teach their dog new tricks.

Known as ‘Paul Spaniels’ thanks to her unrivalled magical talent, dog Bella and owner Lynn will be training the nation’s dogs to perform a variety of tricks throughout October.

Each week, Bella’s videos will feature a ghoulish new trick that dog owners can watch and follow along at home. Each video will include simple step-by-step advice from dog trick instructor, Lynn, and by the time All Hallow’s Eve is upon us, dog’s across the UK will have learnt new tricks including a high five, a bow, a peek-a-boo action and spin.

Of course, some natural, tasty treats will be essential for positive enforcement along the way, and dog owners need to look no further than Natural Instinct’s limited-edition spooky Halloween treat.

Inspired by its much-loved beef jerky, the brand is delighted to launch a ready-to-eat snack version of mini beef jerky sausages. Made using 100% British beef heart, these naturally dehydrated mini treats are ideal for training.

Bella, a nine-year old Assistance Dog is a vital companion to owner Lynn who suffers from a disability. Bella, trained by Assistance Dog charity, Dog A.I.D is well known for her ability to assist with daily chores supporting Lynn in the home, as well as being a trick companion, knowing hundreds of tricks.

From emptying the washing machine through to doing a handstand, making the bed and even loading the dishwasher.

With no canine or dog owners more qualified than Lynn and furry friend, Bella, here are some tips on successfully teaching dog new tricks here:


Use what motivates your dog for positive reinforcement. Try yummy, healthy treats, such as beef jerky or if they prefer, you can use toys also. Remember it is only rewarding to your dog if they actually like the reward so be sure to let them try the treat first or play with the toy.


Don’t be mean with your rewards, you need to reward your dog handsomely for a job well done, let them know they did it right and behaved well.


Always start training for new tricks somewhere familiar like in a quiet room in your house, away from any distractions.


Break training up into short but regular sessions. Your dog will learn much better if practice is short and often and they are not overwhelmed.


If you aren’t having fun then neither is your dog. Make training sessions full of fun and your dog will be eager to participate.

Rachel Kirby, spokesperson for Natural Instinct says: “There is a misconception that teaching dogs tricks is extremely difficult and for specific breeds only. However with the right knowledge and expert advice, all owners can teach their canine friends fun tricks in a safe way and we are delighted to be working with Lynn and Champion Trick Dog, Bella, who really are the experts.

“Our Halloween mini treat hits the shelves next week and provides a great excuse to kickstart some home trickery, involving our pets in autumnal festivities. We hope our customers enjoy spending quality time with their dogs and have fun teaching ‘tricks for treats’this Halloween.”

Each video will be available to watch on the Natural Instinct Facebook page.