The Dog Treat Company launch new all-natural treat tubes

With one in three dogs still deemed as clinically obese, dog treats, as well as food are starting to focus on a ‘healthier living’ regime.

With this in mind, The Dog Treat Company has launched new eco-friendly treat tubes, which are all-natural, wheat, grain, and gluten-free, and hand-baked in small batches.

The Dog Treat Company is a Devon-based family business whom top drawer treats are its sole raison d’etre (not simply an expedient side line).

The new treats contain 100% British sourced/human-grade ingredients and are distributed in highly prized retailers, such as Fetch, Ocado, Pet’s Corner and Orvis.

Outside The Dog Treat Company’s commitment to wholesome, beneficial ingredients (turmeric coconut oil, parsley) is a light, quirky sense of humour that enables this all-natural treat provider to marry memorable brand names with vibrant, left field packaging design that underpins the enviable functional benefits of its flagship products: Run Free & Jump For Joy (joints health). Fabulous Fur (versatility) & Take My Breath Away.

The Dog Treat Company Founder, Joe Halliwell, said: “As an enthusiastic dog owner, I found myself horrified by the deliberately foggy and unappetising ingredient decks that dominated the pet treats skyline, so called treats saddled with unsavoury masking salts and sugars, dubious grade meats and inappropriate artificial nasties (dyes and flavourings).

“Ingredient transparency and integrity sits at the heart of my rural operation, whose quintessentially English identity and unflinching commitment to ‘clean deck’ recipe decks has resulted in exports to; Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, Estonia, Croatia, Singapore) becoming a key strand of our blossoming bottom line. We’re not a business that choses to stand still, which is why in response to the growing vocal for recycled/recyclable packaging, we’re using PATS as a springboard to launch our NEW eco-friendly 125g ‘treat tubes’.”