The weirdest and cutest questions from UK dog owners in 2021, answered by experts

Every 43 minutes, someone asks Google whether their dog loves them. YuMOVE’s analysis of search data uncovers the most common questions from UK dog owners – and they’ve got the answers too.

More pet owners use the internet for animal health information than speak to vets, according to a recent ResearchGate study. Some 79% turn to the internet for answers, making it the most popular source of pet welfare information.

The experts at YuMOVE have analysed Google search data to reveal which questions pet owners are asking most. Among the most heartwarming questions is ‘What do dogs dream about?’, which someone asks every 15 minutes, on average. ‘Does my dog love me?’ is another favourite, getting a search every 43 minutes. One of the most popular searches, occurring every four minutes, is ‘What colours can dogs see?’.

There are also some hilarious questions asked. For example, an average day sees 42 people ask ‘Why does my dog smell like fish?’. And every year, there are 4,200 searches for ‘Why do dogs wink?’ and 2,400 searches for ‘Why do dogs’ farts smell so bad?’.

Dog owners are also using Google to answer more crucial health and wellbeing questions: 72,000 people a year (or seven a minute) ask if they can give dogs paracetamol.

Top dog health & behaviour questions – answered

What colours can dogs see?

In short, dogs can see blue and yellow. While human eyes have three cones for detecting colour – including red and green – dogs’ eyes only have two cones. So owners should note that their furry friends will pay more attention to yellow and blue toys.

Why does my dog stare at me?

Dogs are intelligent creatures, so there are many reasons why they look at their owners. Sometimes it’s affection, sometimes they want your attention and sometimes it’s pleading to be fed or go for a walk. Often, dogs are trying to communicate or read your behaviour.

Why do dogs shake?

Excitement, fear, stress: your dog’s shaking could be down to a strong emotion. Or it could be because they’re cold or wet. In rarer cases, shaking could be a sign of sickness or an ongoing illness. If you do have any concerns about your dog’s shaking, it’s best to seek the advice of your vet.

How much food should I feed my dog?

As with every other canine query, vets can provide the best answer, prescribing an amount tailored to your dog’s body condition, and whether they need to lose or gain weight. Guidelines on the packet will provide a more generalised amount, based upon your dog’s target weight.

You can find the full list of queries on YuMOVE’s website, as well as lots of advice on how to keep pets active and happy.