Trio of rescued guinea pigs looking for forever home

Three male guinea pigs are looking for their forever home after they were rescued from a multi-guinea pig household in Middlesex.

Yam, Parsnip and Shallot are looking for a home together and would like to be outdoor piggies with a big hutch and access to a run for them to exercise and play.

They are currently at RSPCA Middlesex North West branch along with five females Carrot, Celery, Ginger, Radish and Turnip, and four, very young babies. Many of the females are also pregnant and expecting babies very soon so will not be available for rehoming just yet.

When the group of piggies originally came into RSPCA care in May they were in poor condition, some were underweight and others had mites and hair loss.

Tracy Deamer, Animal Welfare Officer at the branch, said: “They are all lovely, friendly guinea pigs who would like to be rehomed in groups. Many people don’t realise that we rehome guinea pigs or rabbit and other small furries, but we have all kinds of animals waiting for homes

“We would really encourage potential owners to consider adopting a rescue piggy rather than buying from a shop. This group haven’t had the best start in life, but they are looking forward to their next chapter and finding their forever homes.”

If you think that you can offer Yam, Parsnip and Shallot a new home, you can call the RSPCA Middlesex North West and South Hertfordshire branch on 020 896 69688 or for more guinea pigs looking for homes, visit