Two feline friends looking for a new home this Christmas

A plump pair of cats who are now on a diet to shed some pounds before Christmas are looking for their forever home.

Pepe and Penelope were taken to RSPCA South Godstone in Surrey in October after being found living in a back garden and their owner could not be found.

The two cats were quite overweight when they arrived at the RSCPA centre, so are currently on a diet to help get them back to a normal healthy size.

Pepe weighed 5.98kg when she arrived and is now 5.51kgs and Penelope was 4.82kgs and is now 4.78kgs. An average adult cat weigh between 3kg and 4.5kgs.

Elizabeth Forbes -Dale, cattery supervisor at RSPCA South Godstone, said: “This lovely pair came in carrying a bit of extra weight, so they are currently on a diet. I don’t know how they were quite so big as they had been living in a back garden before they arrived here. Pepe has done well so far but Penelope has not done so well at ‘cat weight watchers’ so they will need an owner who can continue with their diet.

“They are a little shy in the cattery but when they are let out in the staff area they come out of their shell, love a fuss and enjoy finding a comfy lap to sit on. Sadly, they have been overlooked so far, which is such a shame as they would make wonderful companions.”

Staff at the centre advise that Four-year old Penelope is slightly less confident than eight-year old Pepe and the pair can often be found snuggling up with their best friend trying to keep away from the hustle and bustle of cattery life.

Elizabeth added: “These two have not settled into the cattery, it was quite a shock for them, so we would really love to see them go off to their new home together before Christmas.

“Penelope can be a little shy around new people and so we hope that in a home environment and with the right people these two lovelies will really come out of their shell. The pair are looking for a new home with patient and understanding people who can allow them the time and space they need to settle at their own pace.”

Staff say that the pair can live with children of secondary school age and older, and will need to be kept indoors at first with access to a cat flap once they have settled in.

If you think that you could offer Penelope and Pepe a home, you can contact RSPCA South Godstone on 0300 123 0741.