Unusual dog due are looking for their forever home

The staff at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury are looking for a special forever home for an unusual little and large due.

The due are believed to be the first of their kind at the centre to ever need to be rehomed together, Dorito is a Chihuahua Cross and his companion Nanook is a Akita Cross.

The odd couple of both 18-months old and full of energy and would benefit from additional training to keep their brains busy and are looking for an active family.

Louise Campbell from Dogs Trust Shrewsbusy, said: “Dorito and Nanook are definitely an odd couple, but opposites clearly attract as they are devoted to one another. We have rehomed more than 5,000 dogs but we are certain this is the first time we have ever been looking for a home for a Chihuahua and Akita Crossbreeds.”

Both dogs are very different in in size, Dorito weighs only 4.5kg and is just 40 centimeters in height, whereas Nanook towers above him being more than double his height and weighing almost eight times as much.

However, despite this they are said to be remarkably similar in that they love to do the same things and also look quite similar, and staff have nick-named Dorito ‘mini-me’.

Louise adds: “Nanook is a gentle giant and what Dorito lacks in size he makes up for in personality. To see them running around and playing together is lovely and despite his much shorter legs, Dorito keeps up.”

If you think that you could offer this usual due a forever home, call 0300 303 0292 or visit Dogs Trust Shrewsbury or visit www.dogstrust.org.uk .