Vets remove knee-length sock from Spaniel’s abdomen

A 2-year-old Cocker Spaniel was rushed to Terrington Vets, King’s Lynn on 14 October after swallowing a mysterious artefact.

The mysterious object turned out to be a knee-length riding sock that had made its way to Alfie’s abdomen and needed to be surgically removed – at which point it looked more like a snake than a sock!

Alfie, despite being a little off-beat for a few days after the procedure, continues to make a steady recovery and has returned to his usual bouncy, inquisitive and energetic self – despite the stitches.

The incident began in the early hours as Alfie’s owner Amanda Small went into her daughter’s bedroom to wake her up.

Amanda said: “Alfie had been sleeping in there. It seemed just like a normal day, and then I noticed the smell of vomit. Alfie continued being sick and seemed to be in shock. He was restless, pacing around the house; we noticed that his gums were white and knew we had to contact the vets immediately.”

Arriving at Terrington Vets, Alfie underwent an x-ray and was admitted to surgery right away.

“They were absolutely great,’ says Amanda of the Terrington Vets staff. She’s been a client ever since moving to Norfolk 6 years ago and has always been delighted with their service. “Their primary concern was Alfie, of course, but they also took care of me and made sure I was alright before I went home.

“The wait was long, and very anxious. You can’t help but prepare for the worst. Luckily, everything was a success and Alfie was home by the evening.”

Alfie is no stranger to stealing his sisters’ socks, but after gulping down an extra-large one and being rushed into surgery, has he learned his lesson?

Amanda added “There’s going to be extra measures at home now – to make sure socks stay off the menu. He was very sheepish and lethargic for a couple of days. He loves cuddles and attention at the best of times, but was especially needy after his surgery.”

In true canine spirit, it wasn’t long before Alfie was back to enjoying himself in the garden with the family’s other dog, a beautiful Red Setter called Maisy.

Terrington Vets in King’s Lynn are part of the My Family Vets network of veterinary practices.

Photo credit: My Family Vets