Company of Animals team help Romanian dog rescue project

A team of volunteers from Company of Animals recently travelled to Romania to work with a local charity helping to make a difference to the plight of abandoned dogs.

The charity, A Better Life Dog Rescue is on a mission to save as many dog’s lives as they can in Romania.

As part of the initiative, the charity and volunteers are renovating their half-way house shelters where the dogs can acclimatise to life off the streets and help them adjust and prepare for their journey to their new forever homes in the UK.

In the renovated shelters, the dogs and puppies are given the proper care they need to recover them from the stress if living on the streets or being in public shelter.

The animals are treated for any diseases and ailments they may have picked up. They also have the opportunity to spend some much-needed time in a safe environment getting regular meals, warmth and gentle human interaction.

Founder of the Company of Animals, Dr Roger Mugford, said: “We’re so pleased we were able to support this charity in Romania. The aim of our trip was to help improve how these animals are treated and looked after, by helping educate the local communities about dog training and how to care for them as part of their families or in the public shelters there.

“Our team has taken direct action to learn about the welfare problems in Romania and it’s great to be able to support other charitable agencies as part of our Company of Animals Foundation.”

The team were able to use many of the COA products first-hand to help with this mission. The iconic Halti range helps to teach the dogs to walk calmly and happily on a lead, Baskerville Muzzles aids safe handling and veterinarian checks and Coaches Training Treats are used for rewarding and socialisation.

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