The Dog Treat Company introduces Snibbles range to the UK

The Dog Treat Company is set to launch their range of vegetarian treats for dogs in the UK, at PATS Telford next week.

In 2018, The Dog Treat Company’s first vegan-friendly/gluten free treat was a breakout success (coconut, chia and turmeric) at targeting the growing number of UK dogs suffering from delicate tummies and meat/protein-based allergies.

This was indirectly responsible for the launch of the Devon businesses’ three-strong vegetarian Snibbles range into North America late last month (August 2019), a range which trumpets its immanent arrival in the UK PATS Telford next week (mid-sept 2019).

The Snibbles range comes in three deliciously distinct ‘eat your veggies’ flavours (made with human-grade ingredients):

  • Coconut, Apple, Devon Honey and Kale
  • Coconut, Cranberries, Cheese and Parsnip
  • Coconut, Carrot, Parsnip and Turmeric

The vegetarian range addresses the long-standing conundrum regarding when is a snack so much more than a light nibble?

The answer is actually simpler than you might first imagine; namely when a treat can demonstrate an unwavering commitment to all-natural, human-grade ingredients packed with bonafide nutritional worth.

The Dog Treat Company founder, Joe Halliwell, comments: “Over the years we’ve noticed a growing crossover between human and pet food values (pet humanisation), as K9 treats move away from convenience, gimmicks, unnecessary fillers, excessive salt and sugar, towards full-bodied flavours, meaningful nutrition, the odd beneficial functional food (e.g turmeric) and ever greater choice.”

Interestingly, The Dog Treat Company’s treats are baked in a DEFRA approved bakery on the edge of Dartmoor National Park using state-of-the-art human biscotti manufacturing equipment.

Such is the draw of human food values that The Dog Treat Company insisted that Snibbles met more ambitious, everyday price points and bigger family pack formats that the packaging was made from fully recyclable materials and with ‘look before you buy’ windows.

Joe adds: “No one is suggesting for a moment that dogs are anything other than meat-loving omnivores, however a one-dimensioned meat-themed diet can have unwelcome implications for even the most perfectly proportioned hound (acidity in gut, weight gain, poor joints, reduced immunity to illness) because with 1 in 4 UK dogs still deemed clinically obese, a better balance between great taste and good nutrition needs to be struck.”

The Snibbles range come in 198b boxes which have an RRP of £3.99. For more information you can visit